FIRE Alarms


Keep your home or business in London safe with a reliable fire alarm system. Sight Force have over 15 years of experience installing and maintaining alarms.

Sight Force are able to install a range of fire alarms that are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. We provide design, installation, commisioning and maintenance in compliance with BS 5839.

Before beginning the installation process, we will complete a free survey and determine which alarm system would be most appropriate and effective for you. We consider all of your security requirements whilst completing a survey.

BS 5839-1:2017, The British Standard for design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance in non-domestic premises.

BS 5839-6:2019, The Bristish Standard or design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance in domestic premises.

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a 2 wire fire alarm kit

Fire Alarm System

a Twinflex Fire Alarm

A twin flex fire alarm panel